A  is for Attitude and Approach to the game

B  is for Break-building and a good snooker Brain

C  is for Concentration and Confidence as well

D  is for Dedication - your cue-action will tell

E  is for Excellence for which you must strive

F  is for Focusing with professional pride

G  is for Glory, Gallantry and Grace

H  is for Honesty that must be in place

 is for Inspiration that’s bred from ambition

J  is for Judging your aim and position

K  is for Knowledge that will be put to the test

L  is for Learning how to produce your best

M  is for Masterful and Magical play

N  is for Nerves to control on the day

is for Opportunities - chances one takes

P  is for Practice and what Practice makes

Q  is for Quest - your desire for the top

R  is for Rivals - those you must stop

S  is for Skill and a Style that’s unique

T  is for Talent displayed with Technique

U  is for Understanding the logic of things

V  is for Victory and reward that it brings

W  is for Worthy, World champion, World class

X  is for Failing – no practice - no pass

Y  is for You, Your ability and flair

Z  is for Zone – so POT yourself there!

Seeking perfection simply means this...

A 'kick' is the only reason you should miss!


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